Hello Friends!

Even though July 31st Sunday was our official launch date, last Sunday was another great “first” to have under our belt.  We launched gskids where 36 kids were engaged in a fun learning environment and it was our first week to have the worship team leading worship and it was such an amazing Sunday!  The worship series that we are doing at Good Shepherd was specifically designed with the launch at Gladstone in mind, this idea of rebuilding and bringing new life to the Gladstone community.  I am so excited to be in ministry with all of you to continue to build the ministry of the Gladstone campus with you!  It would bring me great joy to have a conversation with you about your passions, your gifts and how you see yourself being a part of the rebuilding of this church.  We could meet over coffee/tea/soda, whatever your preference 🙂 and it truly would be my honor!  Simply email me and we can set up a time to meet, kayla@goodshepherdkc.com

This week we will continue the story of Nehemiah.  I hope to see you this Sunday as we uncover what comes next in Nehemiah’s call to rebuild and what that means for us as well!



aug 7 worship