One question that has been on the minds of many people this past year has been, where is God? Where is God when there is so much tragedy, loss, loneliness, harassment, racism, natural disasters, abuse of power, war, death, and brokenness in the world. It’s a legitimate question given that we experience these stories in our news feeds every day. So, where is God?

The season of Advent comprises the four weeks leading up to the birth of Christ. What we learn about God during these four weeks of Advent is that God is always coming toward us. Where is God in the world, God joins us through the birth of his Son Jesus, right in the middle of the brokenness. And it’s through Christ that God is restoring the world and it’s up to us to decide if we’re going to be a part of helping God restore the world. There are plenty of people who seemingly are working to tear the world apart or to isolate themselves from the pain of the world, but what about repairing the world? The Hebrew word for this is tikkun olam, which means to repair the world. This is what God is up to through each one of us. Each one of us has been given gifts to be used to repair the world. The only way this happens is through Jesus, ultimately Jesus leads us by his example.

May we this Christmas season see Jesus’ work in the world by our own hands. By our own hands may we be part of the repair work that God is up to in this world. Do you have a story of repair?