gsYouth is a place where students know they are loved by God as we worship, serve, and belong while following Christ together.

Where: N. Oak Campus (9555 N. Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64155)

When: Wednesday Nights from 6:30 – 8P

Who: Any teenager who is 7th – 12th grade

Worship Series: Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime


What is Christmas? Why do we celebrate it? What makes it so wonderful? These are all common questions often asked about the holiday. In this series we will explore them all. We will learn what this holiday means and why it is a wonderful time of year.

Come spend your New Year’s Eve with gsYouth for an All-Night Lock-In!

This night will be filled with fun, laughter, excitement, worship, service, and a chance to ring in the New Year with tons of your closest friends! We will start with a service project at our North Oak campus and then we will load up onto buses and head to Jaegerz to play laser tag. Then we will go ice skating at Line Creek. After we finish ice skating we will head back to North Oak for a dance party with games, food, and fun. We will celebrate the New Year at midnight and follow that up with Midnight Worship.

CLICK HERE to sign up!

Cost: $35 (Due by December 13th)

Start time: 6:30 PM on December 31

End time: 8 am on January 1

Who: Anyone Grades 7-12

Where: Good Shepherd North Oak, Jaegerz, Line Creek

Lets light up the New Year by wearing our brightest neon colors. Bring a friend and let’s celebrate together!

WOW is an opportunity for students to have a large group experience of fun, inspiration, and faith formation. January 20-21, 2018 at the Springfield Expo Center, thousands of students will come together for a newly refocused Weekend Of Worship featuring entertainment, praise bands, motivational speakers, and small group time. In the middle of a draining school year, students will be energized to reconnect with their faith. Youth groups are encouraged to use this opportunity to come together in fellowship to worship, support each other, and most importantly have fun.

Click HERE to sign up!

Registration and Payment due by December 13th.

Cost: $80

Who: 7th – 8th Graders

When: January 20-21

Where: Springfield, MO

Mission trips

As followers of Christ, we believe that we are to serve others. Mission work is at the heart of serving Christ, but mission work is not just going on a trip, it’s a way of living every day.  We deeply value relationships, and living missional lives means that God sends us out into relationship with others. We don’t serve with the intent to help but to truly serve through connecting with others. This is at the heart of gsYouth missions.

Registration is determined by Youthworks.

Winter Jam

Every winter, Winter Jam Tour rolls through Kansas City and puts on an incredible show filled with amazing worship, powerful messages, and huge amounts of fun! We love to take our high schoolers with us to that show where they can experience Jesus in an arena (Sprint Center) filled with their peers.

Registration is determined by Winter Jam Tour dates.

Middle School Camp

When summertime comes its time for fun. We open up the oppurtunity for any and all middle schoolers to spend a week at Youthfront Camps (West or LaCygne). At these camps, they will spend the week sleeping in cabins, worhsipping, hearing powerful messages, and having more fun than any one middle schooler can handle! Paintball, ATVs, The Blob, Swimming Pools, you name it.

Registration is determined by Youthfront Camps


Next Generation Ministries from the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church hosts a conference where they invite youth from around the state to come together to experience Jesus in a new and energetic way. This takes place in Springfield, MO. Worhsip is lead by amazing musicians who love Jesus. It is loud and proud. Great speakers are brought in from all over the country to teach us about our faith and who Jesus is and can be in our lives.

Registration is determined by Next Generation Ministries.

gsYouth Small Groups

Everything in the universe is in relationship; one does not exist without the other. gsYouth small groups hope to provide an atmosphere where the following guidelines apply:

• We acknowledge one another as equals.

• We try to stay curious about each other by asking questions and being good listeners.

• We recognize that we need the support and encouragement of one another.

• We slow down so we have time to think & reflect.

• We expect it to be messy at times.

Sign-ups for gsYouth Small Groups will open on September 10th and will be open until October 4th.

High School Mission Trip

We are heading North to the Twin Cities ! As followers of Christ, we believe that we are to serve others. Mission work is at the heart of serving Christ, but mission work is not just going on a trip, it’s a way of living every day. We deeply value relationships, and living missional lives means that God sends us out into relationship with others. We don’t serve with the intent to help but to truly serve through connecting with others. This is at the heart of gsYouth missions.
Sign-ups will open online from September 5 th – January 10 th
Contact Darrick: or Kalee:
Minor adjustment to the Date: June 17-23

Cost is $368 ; Covers travel, t-shirt, lodging, & most meals
Payment Dates:
January 10 th deposit due $88
February 21 2 nd Payment due $160
April 4 3 rd Payment due $120
Mandatory Meetings:
April 15 th : 12 P, N. Oak (Students & Leaders)
May 20 th : 12 P, N. Oak (Parents & Students)
June 3 rd : 12 P, N. Oak (Students & Leaders)

Sign up at:


The journey of faith is a life-long process. It’s not something we graduate from or complete. Throughout that journey are milestones where we recognize & respond to the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit that equips us for the journey. Confirmation is one of those significant milestones. When youth are confirmed, they profess their faith in Jesus Christ and commit to continuing to grow in that faith for the rest of their lives.

Youth in 8th–12th grade are eligible for confirmation. To prepare, youth meet in weekly groups for several months. We seek to provide an atmosphere of listening, support and encouragement. We want youth to know that their faith journey and their story are truly unique. Both have tremendous importance. We try to keep class sizes small to encourage relationship-building & learning.

2017 confirmation begins on Sunday, September 10.

When: Sundays, Septemer 10 – December 3, @ 4 pm

Where: Platte County Campus (8017 NW Hampton Rd., Kansas City, MO 64152)

Who: Any teenager in 8th – 12th grade

Darrick Strzelecki, Director of Youth Ministries