Leo Campos

Leo Campos, worship leader at Good Shepherd, is offering private music lessons at the Gladstone & North Oak campuses for those ages 9 to adult in the following instruments: piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, violin, and mandolin.
Leo has 13 years of experience as an instructor.
The cost is $25 for a 30-minute lesson; lessons are available Mondays through Fridays.  
Lessons are $20 for a half hour.

Guitar / Bass Guitar

Learn basic to advanced level skills on acoustic, electric, or bass guitar.


Grow from scales to playing songs with beginner to advanced level piano lessons.


Grab your mandolin and pick along to your favorite bluegrass tunes.


Move from simple rhythms to complex beats in lessons ranging from beginner to advanced.


From classical to fiddle songs, grow in your skill to play the songs you love.

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