SundayS 5P
at the Rino

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Welcome to brewCHURCH! 

A progressive faith community for the religious, non-religious, and deconstructing to experience liberation, healing, and growth.

What is brewCHURCH like?

At brewCHURCH, you’ll experience some typical elements of church such as music and a message. You’ll also experience unique elements such as table dialogue during the gathering. Some of the deepest conversations and moments of growth can happen around a drink -- whether coffee or beer or a craft cocktail. The hope is to break down the wall between the sacred and the secular.

At brewCHURCH, we share common values (authenticity, inclusivity*, curiosity/questions, and flourishing for everyone), but also embrace and learn from each other's differences. If you've been looking for a safe place to wrestle with faith, then brewCHURCH is the place for you. Cheers!

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Gathers Sundays 5P
314 Armour Rd, NKC, MO
[email protected]