In the past year, our world has struggled with a global pandemic that has caused many in the church to wonder how we should respond? John Wesley was quoted as saying, “Do all the good you can … to all the people you can.” Good Shepherd is seeking to do just that. We want to partner with schools, hospitals, elderly care facilities, and others in our community to do all the good we can.

St. Luke's Hospital partnership
We're starting off by partnering with Saint Luke's Hospital to provide meaningful gifts to healthcare workers in various departments that are dealing with the immense weight of the pandemic on top of the already existing stresses of healthcare. Here's how you can participate: You can SIGN UP with a group, whether it's your small group, a group of friends, or your families. You will be paired with two other groups or more. For one week, you will come up with a way to provide care for the 30-50 employees in the chosen department. You will be sent of list of suggested things, such as catering food, preparing self-care gift bags, making posters, and writing cards with words of affirmation that provide them love and support. But you aren’t just limited to the things on the list, the hope is that you will be as creative as possible within the limitations.  To sign up, click the link below and you will be contacted with more details.
Other ways to participate
Here’s the cool part about this initiative: You don’t have to wait to do all the good you can; you can start now. Talk with your loved ones, close friends, your small group, your coworkers about what you can do on a regular basis. Do all the good you can might be as simple as baking cookies and handing them out to your neighbors to get to know them better. It might be leaving a larger than usual tip at locally owned restaurants that have been hit especially hard financially this past year. You might consider going clothing shopping and give away the brand-new clothes to A Turning Point wardrobe so people can have brand new clothes rather than leftovers. The possibilities are endless, but don’t get overwhelmed thinking about it. Just pick one thing to do each month to do all the good you can.

We encourage you to be creative with this initiative and share your story with us below.