gsKids (birth through 4th grade)
Throughout gsKids, children are encouraged to grow in their faith by experiencing the love of Christ alongside their leaders and peers. We provide hands-on learning opportunities for each grade level.  Children also can practice their faith through experiences like Summer Camps, special events for Easter and Christmas and other engaging activities throughout the year. gsKids is offered during worship services.
Shannon Burns
North Oak gsKids Director

North Oak Campus
9555 N. Oak Tfwy, KCMO, 64155                             
0 - 24 months: upstairs
2 years - 4th grade: downstairs
10 am
Mariana Toro
Gladstone gsKids Director

Gladstone Campus
2800 NE 64th St. Gladstone, 64119
Infant to 4 years: upstairs
Pre-k to 4th grade: downstairs

10 am
Creating a Safe Gathering
At Good Shepherd, safety and protection of our children is of utmost importance, and we take this very seriously. All volunteers working with children, youth or disabled adults will have a background check completed and attend a Safe Gatherings training once every three years.  Check out our Safe Gatherings policies and training materials.