Tell us your story.

If you could only share one thing that you've learned in your life through the grace of God, what would it be? What part of your story do you think others could benefit from hearing? Would it be how you felt like the one who was lost, only to be found by Christ? Would it be how you and God worked through one difficult chapter in your life together? Maybe one thing that separated you from God for awhile, until you surrendered that one thing to God? Would it be the difference God has made in your life through one person who loved, cared for, or taught you something? What is one way God has been active in your life? In 2020, Good Shepherd wants to publish a book by the end of the year that we are calling The One. And we think your story is integral to sharing the love of God with others! If this conversation has stirred a memory for you, please share it below.
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